Ethernet_DMX4 Truss

Ethernet_DMX4 Truss


Ethernet DMX4 Truss는 Ethernet DMX4의 트러스 장착 버전입니다.

트러스 마운팅용 M10 Inserts 1개가 장착되어 있으며 벽 또는 트러스 장착 애플리케이션 용으로 사용 할 수 있는 견고한 Enclosure가 장착되어 있습니다.

이 장치는 쉬운 네트워크 연결을 위해 2개의 Ethercon 커넥터를 제공합니다.

  •   Specification

* Key features

Merging engine Yes
Softpatch Yes
Trigger system Yes
ReRoute Yes
Profile manager Yes
Snapshot Yes
Monitoring software LumiNet Monitor V2 (free)


* Ethernet/DMX features

DMX port direction Input or output (configurable)
DMX port isolation Optical and galvanic isolation per port
DMX port termination/biasing Yes
DMX timing 10-40fps – break: 176-352µs
Ethernet port speed 100Mbps
Port sensing MDI / MDIX


* Connectivity

DMX connectivity 4x shielded & gold plated Neutrik 5 pin XLR (female)
Ethernet connectivity 2x shielded Neutrik Ethercon connector
Rear connectivity Not applicable



Power connectivity 1x Neutrik powerCON inlet
Power input 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Power consumption Maximum 15W


* Protocols

DMX protocols DMX512 (1986 & 1990), DMX512-A, RDM ANSI E1.20
Ethernet protocols Art-Net™ (1-4), sACN ANSI E1.31, RTTrPL (BlackTraX)


* Configuration

Display and jog Yes
Configuration Through the built-in web server or with the front end display menu
Status LEDs Power LED, Ethernet Port LED (link and activity)


* Physical

Dimensions (W x D x H) 260 x 164 x 100 mm
Weight 2.3 kg
Operating temperature 0 tot +60°C
Storage temperature -10 tot +70°C


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